Winning The Battle Against Disease
By Doctor Meshach Samuel
Winning The Battle Against Disease
About this Presentation
  • Very interesting and thought provoking talk about preventive medicine.
  • The cause of modern diseases is not only due to multiple factors, but due to complicated interactions of these multiple factors.
  • The natural history of disease is discussed and pathogenesis is explained.
  • In the late disease phase, only disability can be prevented.
  • The quest for the perfect tool of prevention is discovered with the use of a story of a village that was situated at the top of a mountain.
  • This is an enjoyable and fascinating talk by Dr Samuel.
About this Doctor

Dr Meshach Samuel attended medical school at Dr M.G.R. Medical University Christian Medical College in India and graduated in 1992 having 19 years' experience.

Additional training was conducted at University of Arkansas for Medical Science, Area Health Education Centres.