What you Can Do About Osteoporosis
By Doctor Sang Lee
What you Can Do About Osteoporosis
About this Presentation
  • Osteoporosis is a very common problem, but not many people understand it.
  • Bones are losing too much calcium and becoming weak and brittle.
  • Is calcium intake really related to the calcium levels in bones?
  • What is essential to keep the gene that brings calcium into the bone active?
  • Why do kidney stones develop?
  • Things that deplete calcium levels in the bones.
  • What controls oestrogen levels?
  • How do our emotions affect our calcium levels?
About this Doctor

Dr Sang Lee M.D. is a prolific writer and famous TV personality all over South Korea. He is popularly known among Koreans as the "Endorphin Doctor".

He introduced the hormone endorphin (the happy hormone) to the Korean TV viewers in his lectures broadcasted by major national TV stations such as KBS and SBS. He conducts lectures, seminars and workshops in several countries such as USA, Germany, Australia, Poland and Brazil.

His quirky and informative lectures never cease to fascinate his audiences of any age or background. The moment he starts his lectures the listeners are held captive by his animated and interesting style, the remarkable studies and the rich graphics. His lectures are scientifically based.