Weight Loss Made Easy
By Doctor Zeno Charles-Marcel
Weight Loss Made Easy
About this Presentation
  • How desperate are you to lose weight? Issues behind the weight problem.
  • Walter Hudson, 1400-pound fat man – privately agonized over his weight.
  • Guinness world record holder for fattest woman found only one thing that works.
  • How to calculate your BMI – Body Mass Index.
  • What are a healthy BMI and a healthy waist-hip ratio to have?
  • Weight: a prime issue from when a baby is born.
  • Media ideals; personal issues behind the problem; judging others.
  • Problems with low calorie diets and high protein diets.
  • Good diet sense.
About this Doctor

Dr Zeno Charles-Marcel M.D. received his medical degree with honours and awards in nutrition from Howard University.

Among his various leadership roles, Dr Zeno has served as Assistant Chief of General Internal Medicine at Loma Linda University, Medical Director of Lifestyle Centres of America, and co-founder of the first academic Lifestyle Medicine Fellowship in North America.

Clinical and research interests in diabetes, metabolic syndrome, clinical nutrition, and lifestyle medicine have led to publications in peer-reviewed journals, and other media.

Dr Zeno is sought after as a speaker at professional and public seminars in the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Asia, North Africa, and the Caribbean.