The Cause and Effect of Eating Disorders
By Jennifer Schwirzer
The Cause and Effect of Eating Disorders
About this Presentation
  • Anorexia and bulimia diagnosed are diagnosed
  • The impact of anorexia on the body, which dries up and goes into survival mode.
  • The impact of bulimia on the body; serious impacts from the fingers to the heart!
  • How social skills impact eating habits.
  • Biological and psychological factors that can cause eating disorders.
  • Dangers of the fat gap, the difference between the ideal and the real.
  • Good compliments to give, which will boost your wife or daughter's confidence.
  • The cost of beauty, eg. Over $20 billion in 2005 spent on cosmetics!
  • Harm women subject themselves to, eg. Corsets, foot binding, neck rings.
  • Arm yourself with knowledge and find out where to get help.
About this Doctor

In 1999, Jennifer Jill Schwirzer graduated from Atlantic Union College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in religion. She completed her Master's degree in Mental Health Counselling through Capella University in March of 2008.

Jennifer obtained her counselling license in August of 2010.