Lifestyle Changes To Help Depression - Part 2
By Doctor Neil Nedley
Lifestyle Changes To Help Depression - Part 2
About this Presentation
  • Lifestyle factors to combat or avoid depression.
  • Isolation vs. a good social support system or a 'sense of belonging'.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy works for mild to chronic depression.
  • What kind of counselling to watch out for.
  • Other forms of therapy are discussed, such as hydrotherapy, ECT (shock treatment).
  • Stress control measures, appropriate planning and appropriate meditation.
  • Herbal remedies which can be used.
  • How to develop the frontal lobe, the area in the brain where depression occurs.
About this Doctor

Dr Neil Nedley M.D. is a full time practicing physician in Internal Medicine with emphasis on Preventive Medicine, Mental Health, Lifestyle Medicine, Gastroenterology and the difficult to diagnose patient.

He is author of the book, Depression-the Way Out and author of the 8-part DVD Workbook Series that is used extensively in mental health education programs throughout the U.S. and other countries.

He designed a test (patent pending) that helps an individual or physician determine the specific operative causes that impair mental performance.