Keys to Marital Harmony
By Doctor Agatha Thrash
Keys to Marital Harmony
About this Presentation
  • A happy home goes a long way toward making its occupants happy and healthy and better able to resist disease.
  • Cultivate patience and kindness for each member in the home, enjoy being at home and equip yourself and your children to better meet life's situations. Un-jangle your nervous system so that you can become kind and patient.
  • Inspire family members to become all God created them to be; parents become co-workers with God for the redemption of the human race. Our first mission field is the home.
  • Qualities of a wife and mother e.g. physician, delegator, self-control, love nature, deal gently with the erring.
  • Difficulties in second marriages are discussed, as well as overcoming hostility and dealing with criticism.
About this Doctor

Dr Agatha Thrash (80 years old) practiced hospital and private pathology for about 15 years, and forensic pathology part time for about 35 years.

On staff at Uchee Pines Institute, she has practiced natural medicine for the last 37 years, ran a home birth service in Alabama for ten years, and served as the Public Health officer head of the Lay Midwife Association of Russell County.

Author of several books about natural medicine and hundreds of counselling papers on a variety of topics for patients, she lectures widely in natural remedies and nutrition.