Influenza - How To Beat It
By Doctor Bernell Baldwin
Influenza - How To Beat It
About this Presentation
  • Influenza – it keeps coming back, year by year, and season by season.
  • What is going on with influenza?
  • Is germ warfare to blame?
  • How did the flu germ get so strong?
  • How lysozyme works and the truth about secondary invaders.
  • Factors that influence the body's ability to defend against germs.
  • What the battle boils down to: virus vs. immune system.
  • Things we can do to prevent influenza from killing older people and young children.
  • Things everyone can do immediately upon feeling the beginnings of the flu.
About this Doctor

Dr Bernell Baldwin PhD has his master's degree in physiology and his PhD in Neurophysiology from George Washington University.

He has taught physiology at Loma Linda School of Medicine and was an Associate Professor at Loma Linda School of Health.

He is presently a consultant and instructor in Physiology and Applied Physiology at Wildwood Sanatorium and Hospital and serves as the Science Editor of The Journal of Health and Healing.