How Walking can Save Your Life
By Doctor Bernell Baldwin
How Walking can Save Your Life
About this Presentation
  • Why is walking such a beneficial form of exercise?
  • How does over-exertion affect the body?
  • Over-exertion defined, technically and simply.
  • What are the signals of over-exertion?
  • What is 'triggering of clots'?
  • How walking can benefit the immune system.
  • What exercise integrates the whole body and mind?
About this Doctor

Dr Bernell Baldwin PhD has his master's degree in physiology and his PhD in Neurophysiology from George Washington University.

He has taught physiology at Loma Linda School of Medicine and was an Associate Professor at Loma Linda School of Health.

He is presently a consultant and instructor in Physiology and Applied Physiology at Wildwood Sanatorium and Hospital and serves as the Science Editor of The Journal of Health and Healing.