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Beating Depression
By Doctor Neil Nedley
Beating Depression
About this Presentation
  • Depression is diagnosed in about 200 million people worldwide.
  • What is depression?
  • A disease that is on the increase and occurring in lower aged people; depression is not given enough attention.
  • How to self-diagnose; what the 9 symptoms of depression are.
  • Beware bad advice to someone facing depression.
  • Find out the effects of depression.
  • Find out the underlying causes and how to overcome depression.
  • Risk factors for depression.
  • Find out how to avoid having to use medications which cause side effects.
About this Doctor

Dr Neil Nedley M.D. is a full time practicing physician in Internal Medicine with emphasis on Preventive Medicine, Mental Health, Lifestyle Medicine, Gastroenterology and the difficult to diagnose patient.

He is author of the book, Depression-the Way Out and author of the 8-part DVD Workbook Series that is used extensively in mental health education programs throughout the U.S. and other countries.

He designed a test (patent pending) that helps an individual or physician determine the specific operative causes that impair mental performance.

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